Prepare your students for the future of work.

Launching this summer, Find Your Grind is building a brand new learning platform for schools to equip your students with the tools and resources they need to be successful in an ever changing modern world. 

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Learning with Find Your Grind:

Self Discovery

Ensure students understand themselves and their skills

Career Exploration

Expose students to all types of careers and industries


Humanize opportunities and show students what is possible

Skills Development

Empower students with future of work skills like adaptability, growth mindset and digital brand building


Empower educators to have informed and impactful conversations with students 

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is at the core of FYG Learning

FYG's relevant, responsive, SEL-informed curriculum develops self-efficacy for the whole learner in areas of self, social, financial, mental, emotional, and lifelong success

9 or 18 Unit SEL & Career Readiness Curriculum 

Exposure to over 350 Careers including high-demand and emerging industries

Stories and Insights from over 250 diverse
and inclusive Mentors

16 Lifestyles to explore 

Activities designed with your students in mind

Activities that adapt to learning styles, so students can better understand their lifestyles, strengths, and interests

Create personalized pathways

Bite-sized activities help students find their fit with lifestyles, skills and careers. Help them learn how to talk about the things they do best.

Students learn from industry experts

Nothing's stopping them from learning from experts now. Hear authentic advice and exclusive "behind the scenes" stories from FYG's mentors.  


Find Your Grind for Education
packages start at $3,500

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District level partnerships available

Student data and learning insights included

Students receive lifetime access to our ever evolving career and mentor library

30-day satisfaction guarantee

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