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FYG is launching a brand new learning experience to meet you where you are. 

Our on-the-go, mobile app will make learning fun and addictive. It's the best new way to learn about the future of work, and what opportunities fit you. You'll earn credits to unlock careers and mentors, learn relevant skills, and level up. Be the first to try it by signing up for our beta release.

Gamification poured into every activity:

Personalized to you

Unlock and match to over 350 careers + 250 mentors

Find Your Grind lessons adapt to your learning style and are tailored to help you better understand your lifestyles, strengths, and interests.

Complete activities and learn skills to earn credits. Spend credits to unlock the most 

up-to-date information on careers and mentors.

Addictive micro-learning

Follow the journey of
friends and family

10,000 minutes of bite-sized activities with over 30+ levels of learning and 700+ badges to collect. 

You're never alone. Follow the lifestyles, activities and careers of your friends alongside yours. 

Discover and learn anytime, anywhere.

The world is rapidly changing and understanding your next steps isn't always easy. 

Stay future ready with Find Your Grind's mobile app, coming in 2021. In the meantime, sign up to be the first to try it: 

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